Factories and Manufacturing

Consumables supply and day-to-day on-Site ENgineering solutions for local organisations

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Manufacturing industry

The needs of factories change constantly as efficiencies are sought and production lines are moved or repurposed. The effectiveness of equipment maintenance is paramount in order to minimise disruption and achieve continuous production.

There is also the question of component supply. Where does your factory source components (both as consumables and for manufactured products). We are here to help.

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Component Consumables

  • Kellwood can supply prototype, one-off, and batch orders for your factory. Our machining capabilities and fabrication workshop can manufacture and assemble to order.
  • We have extensive experience in reverse engineering and component refurbishment, and can work with a wide range of materials, including stainless and carbon steels, plastics (e.g. PTFE and Nylon), soft metals (e.g. brass and aluminium) and rubber.
  • Offering a cost-effectiveness and fast solution for your supply chain requirements

Site Services & Skilled Labour

In the south Scotland, and northern English regions, Kellwood can deploy engineering site service teams to support your operations. Not only can we build the products you need, we can also attend site to perform installation, maintenance, and engineering-related work.

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