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from prototype to mass production, kellwood specialises in the assembly of industrial machines

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Semi or fully-automated, an industrial robot is a system that performs manufacturing and processing tasks. The development of industrial robotics and automation has changed the face of British industry.

Capable of coordinated movement in multiple axes, more advanced systems often feature visual sensors associated with sophisticated processing power.

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We are skilled in the manufacturing, assembly, and testing of multi-component products while operating to industry-recognised quality processes.

We are Capable of providing a wide range of services, including welding, machining, surface treatment, electrical, NDT and fluid power services

Kellwood Engineering is the ideal one-stop manufacturing partner for any company looking to prototype or mass-produce advanced industrial hardware.

Kellwood has over a decade's experience in supporting the UK industrial machine and robotics industries, specifically building and assembling our client's designs. Projects and products include:

  • Robotic manipulators: frames, clevises and bracketry for foundry robots
  • Mud handling systems: hydraulic machinery for the Oil & Gas industry
  • Prototypes: dredgers and grave diggers for the UK and overseas markets
  • 500kW kite-power system: Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic manufacture and assembly services for the Renewable Energy sector
  • Taut wire vessel positioning systems: manufacture and assembly
  • Roller assemblies: manufacture and assembly for Michelin production lines

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